October 2020

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              Morbor PeterMum and IMum and HenrikiMum and ChristinaMum
It is still troublede times. The COVID19 is still raging around the world - now for the second time around. A lot of countries i Europe is shutting down once again - with severe problems for a lot of people and companies. But if we really mean to get rid of this horrible decease it is what is called for.
I for one am very concerned to get the COVID19 since my illness once again has surfaced. The cocktail of COVID19 and a bad immunesystem is not what you want.
So thank you for taking care.

Furthermore there is the American election comming up in just a few days.
I know that politics is a very personal thing but I feel called to comment on this anyhow.
It is a long overdue time for a change. Like or dislike the Precident really does not matter. It is politics that counts. From what I have been a witness to over the last past 4 years the world has undergone a substantial change - and unfortunately not for the better. The rest of the world needs the USA to have a credible, honest and realistic President that can unite the "western countries" - and just that has been missing for the last 4 years.

A little word....

This is not a single country's issue. This is an issue that should concern all of us. Hence let us help each other. Each country should take appropiate messures to fight the virus, and the population should abide to the guidelines given by the WHO.

You go and vote because the world needs a change.

You all take care and I pray that you will be all right.